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BLITZ Delivers First Augmented Reality Marketing Solution for FOX

BLITZ, a leading integrated marketing agency, today unveiled a new augmented reality application to promote the second season of FOX’s popular TV series “Dollhouse.”

Press Release from BLITZ LOS ANGELES--BLITZ, a leading integrated marketing agency, today unveiled a new augmented reality application to promote the second season of FOX’s popular TV series “Dollhouse.” In conjunction with FOX and 20th Century Fox Television, the application stars the main character of the series, Echo, played by Eliza Dushku and resides on the desktop, giving instant access to full episodes, cast interviews, behind the scenes footage and photos. The BLITZ team set out to create an extended experience which tied the intrigue of the TV series to online content, real world promotions and now viewers’ desktops. “Working with BLITZ and Adobe, and with the help of Eliza Dushku, our internal team created an experience that is engaging for both devoted fans and new viewers,” said Joe Earley, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications, FOX Broadcasting Company. “Dollhouse is the perfect show to take advantage of this technology and BLITZ was critical in developing both the app and augmented reality elements, which are state of the art.” The application builds on the premise of the series which features “a highly illegal and underground group of individuals who have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas.” Once the app is downloaded, Echo walks out on to the screen to deliver the latest news about the show as one of her many “imprints.” The content can then be explored further by activating the augmented reality portion of the application. For the initial launch, cards were distributed at the Comic-Con convention to fans of the series, which included an activation symbol, or “glyph.” Once the glyph is shown to a Web cam, the desktop application automatically launches secret content which can be updated as the season unfolds. “In addition to the compelling content, the augmented reality element of the application allows FOX to continuously interact with viewers,” said Ken Martin, Chief Creative Officer, BLITZ. “Fans get the exclusive content they want and it keeps them connected to the show even when they are not in front of their TV or online. We are creating an engagement layer that’s not only entertaining, but also effective.” The sleek application, built in conjunction with the team from, is powered by Adobe® AIR® and delivers the latest news surrounding the series and gives instant access to the hundreds of videos and photos from “Dollhouse,” all directly from the viewer’s desktop. It is available for download now at to coincide with Dollhouse’s second season airing Fridays (9:00PM-10:00PM ET/PT) on FOX. About BLITZBLITZ is a leading integrated marketing agency that brings brands to life by developing immersive, entertaining and imaginative experiences. BLITZ constantly invents new ways to excite, inform and entertain customers, making them want to learn more, go deeper, “play” longer and participate in an active brand conversation. BLITZ has developed revolutionary consumer experiences and campaigns for some of the world’s most exciting brands including Microsoft, GE, Adobe, Disney, FOX, Starbucks and NBC Universal. BLITZ is available online at