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Blackmagic Design Releases Cross Platform Blackmagic SDK 1.2 for OS X & Windows

Blackmagic Design Inc. has released the Blackmagic SDK v1.2 for their DeckLink, Intensity and Multibridge broadcast capture and playback products. Blackmagic SDK v1.2 is a cross platform SDK for developers who want to write software for capture and playback of the highest quality video. The SDK is available now for both the Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X platforms.

The new SDK provides access to not only the capture and playback capabilities of Blackmagic Design's products, but also direct access to the features previously not available to customers developing via Quicktime or DirectShow frameworks. This includes access to the capture control panel settings as well as other configuration and programmatic access.

With the new APIs included in this SDK, developers can now rapidly develop applications for Blackmagic Design products on both Mac OS X and both 32 and 64 bit Windows XP and Vista. This eliminates the need to constantly restructure their existing code to work around Quicktime or DirectShow framework limitations.

Blackmagic SDK v1.2 with full documentation and sample code included is available now free of charge from the Blackmagic Design website at