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Black Logic Zooms With Second Lexmark Printers Ad

Black Logic has completed its second spot for Lexmark Printers. The first Lexmark spot was directed by famed fashion photographer Herb Ritts and created by BlackLogic, NYC and Warwick Baker O'Neill, NYC. "This is the second spot we've done for Lexmark," said Black Logic designer/director Patrick Ferguson. "For the Z52, they wanted to maintain the Ritts' style, but point out that this printer is much faster. Essentially, the Z52 is the best of both worlds." The spot opens to the telltale sounds of a jet aircraft preparing for take-off. The camera slowly pans along the Z52. As the engine sound rises to its peak, the Z52 begins to expell elaborately printed color sheets of paper out of its "engine." "It took us about three weeks to complete the Lexmark spot," said Ferguson. "We did most of the compositing using Discreet's Inferno, together with quite a bit of 3D work, which I supervised. Kris Kachikas (Herb Ritts' DP) shot the new product as well as several plates of the brightly colored prints against green screen. We then used multiple layers to create 'the paper storm.' The 'storm' was supplemented with real paper, and with computer generated paper, selectively positioned. You really can't tell the difference between the real and virtual paper. It's completely seamless." The spot was again produced for Warwick, Baker & O'Neill, NYC.

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