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Black Logic Soothes Ben Gay Spot

Black Logic has created a new spot for Ben Gay and New York ad agency Cline, Davis & Mann. Making his directorial debut on the spot was Black Logic's Patrick Ferguson. "The idea was to take individual parts of the human body affected by the soothing relief of Ben Gay, and integrate them into a 3D environment, where the body could interact with medical graphics, charts, and, ultimately, the product itself," said Ferguson. Floyd Gillis of Black Logic's creative partner, AFCG, created all of the CGI. Ferguson oversaw the creation of the 3D blood flow and the creation of 3D models depicting the active ingredients in Ben Gay. "Incorporating the computer generated vein into the live-action environment was challenging," said Ferguson. Using a combination of 2D and 3D graphics, the Black Logic team seamlessly transitioned from the interior of the vein to the exterior of the body. "We successfully showed how Ben Gay provides soothing relief, through intriguing medical and scientific imagery. We brought a contemporary look to a familiar brand," Ferguson said.

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