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Black Logic Scratches For The New York Lottery

Black Logic scratched and won for its new 30-second spot for the New York Lottery. In the spot, scratching an old jalopy turns it into a new sports car, a dribbling sprinkler becomes an ornate fountain, a small abode turns into a giant palace and a loveable dog gets instantly groomed. "The spot presented a double challenge, since two environments had to register accurately and yet be noticeably different so we could see the changes through the scratching," said director Michel Suissa. "We ended shooting a lot of different passes to give ourselves flexibility for the transitions." For the scratches themselves, Suissa used water paint applied to high-gloss silver paper, then manually scratched it with a kitchen knife. The elements were brought together in Discreet Logic inferno*. The commercial was produced for Grey Advertising, NYC. The Black Logic team was comprised of director Suissa, executive producer Karen Stewart, account executive Ivan Molomut, line producer/assistant director Paul Middlemiss, visual effects producer Kelley McDermott, assistant producer Michelle Seidenfrau and visual effects artist Lisa Hodge and Alan Neidorf.

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