Black Logic Loses Its Head For Coldwell Banker

New York animation studio Black Logic has completed two 30 second commercials for Coldwell Banker. The first spot, titled "Concierge," shows a disembodied head of a beleaguered home buyer orbited by a series of objects representing the many headaches of the house hunting process. Directed by Black Logic's Michel Suissa, the spot uses colorful, high-energy graphics, propelled by a peppy musical score, to highlight an exclusive Coldwell Banker online service that assists people in managing the details involved in buying and selling residential real-estate. According to Suissa, "'Concierge' was essentially a matter of design and creative direction. No live-action was involved. We were provided with most of the elements but they required redesigning. Once the new design was approved, a good deal of compositing followed. We created some of the elements as CGI, but primarily we used Inferno for this job." In the second spot, "Personal Retriever," a golden retriever, holding a computer screen in its mouth, represents the bank's "Personal Retriever" online home hunting and mortgage service. The spot shows the dog responding to a mouse click by retreating to a blue cyberspace background, then retrieving an agent just right for the job. For more information, visit the Black Logic Website at