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Black Logic Jumps For Zoog Movie Open

Black Logic has created the special effects and graphics for the 30-second ZOOG MOVIE opening. The project was completed for ad agency PMcD Design and client The Disney Channel. The spot opens with several bouncing kids descending from a dark-blue sky. The perspective then widens to reveal a neon green trampoline that spells out "Zoog." As the children continue to flip, a filmstrip takes the viewer on a roller coaster ride through the air. "ZOOG is a main title animation disguised as a ride film," said John Mabey, head of CGI at Black Logic. "There were no 'invisible' effects in this project. It's an engaging, high-energy invitation to become part of the experience. The piece breaks down into three parts. The first is a vast interior, nighttime scene, followed closely by a stylized interpretation of actual film as a theme park environment. When the little girl splashes into the film itself, it sets up a third section. The camera flies through one of the 'O's' in Zoog and sets up the title, in which the 'O's' become the projector through which the film runs." Scott Petill, Black Logic CG supervisor, said, "To help us during the design phase, and to determine the timings of the aerial stunts of the real kids, we did extensive pre-visualization with simple 3D stand-in models of kids for each scene. This proved to be exceptionally useful in determining which kids performed which maneuver and how their stunts could be combined in each shot." The tools utilized were Maya, Renderman, After Effects and Inferno.

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