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BKN Summons New Spells Series

BKN International has rolled out 52 episodes of the animated fantasy adventure series ULTIMATE BOOK OF SPELLS. The story begins when friends Cassy, Gus and Verne discover the Ultimate Book Of Spells, which takes them on a journey to Earths center, where they must use their special powers to thwart the evil wizard, Zarlak. The series was originally titled JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH and so far BKN has completed 26 twenty-two-minute episodes. "Im tremendously excited about the prospects for this series," said Leslie Nelson, managing director, BKN Television Sales SAS. "In the tradition of the great tales of fantasy, ULTIMATE BOOK OF SPELLS deals with timeless themes of magic and adventure. At the same time, the young characters make it a very hip and contemporary series the audience for such a programme is massive. In fact, initial buyer demand has been so overwhelming that we have commissioned the production of an additional 26 spell-binding episodes." BKN International will be selling this new series at Mip-TV, which runs from April 2 through April 6, 2001 in Cannes, France.

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