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BKN Launches New All Digital, High-Def Animation Studio

BKN is creating a new facility capable of producing high quality animation in digital high-definition. The studio in London will be equipped with hardware and software to produce two 26-part series annually.

The creative and production staff will undertake extensive training to adapt from hand-drawn animation to the new technology. This is in response to changes the company observes in the market, which is rapidly moving away from analogue or standard definition to digital and high definition for news, sports and films, with the animation market needing to follow in a meaningful way in the next 12-24 months.

STONE AGE, a new comedy series and 80-minute film, will be the first project in the new style. The project, created by Rick Ungar for BKN, is due to be delivered in late 2008.

Ungar said, "We are taking kids from todayâs world, along with their modern day interests, high tech accessories and love for music, and interpreting them as kids living during the Stone Age. I can tell you that when your IPOD is a rock containing a bird with a very good memory; your electric guitar is plugged into an amplifier that is actually a Platypus with a very big mouth; and wearing âCrocsâ takes on an entirely new meaning, it starts to get pretty funny.

BKN states its intention to become a leader in providing terrestrial, cable, broadband and satellite broadcasters and DVD distributors with high definition series or films beginning in late 2008. High-def product will also enable BKN to expand more rapidly on the Internet via digital downloads.

"The market is moving quickly," said BKN ceo Allen Bohbot, "and several of our competitors have either chosen not to invest in this state of the art technology or are financially not able to. BKN is willing and able and will take an aggressive role in this area."

BKN New Media Ltd. is the wholly owned, U.K.-based, production and distribution label of BKN International AG, the media and entertainment company specializing in childrenâs entertainment listed in both Frankfurt and London.

BKN Int'l AG ( is a global animation company engaged in the distribution and marketing of animated children's television programs and the marketing of related consumer products (licensing and merchandising) in all forms.