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BKN Brings Three Hit Animated Properties To NATPE 2007

BKN Int'l AG reports that its wholly owned Spanish subsidiary BKN New Media SL is bringing three animated TV series to NATPE 2007. The company will have such 39x24 animated series as LEGEND OF THE DRAGON, DORK HUNTERS FROM OUTER SPACE and ZORRO -- GENERATION Z.

After first launching in Latin America on Nickelodeon Latin America, LEGEND OF THE DRAGON has been a hit show on BBC (U.K.), Super RTL (Germany) and Radio Canada amongst others. Jetix U.S. premiered the animated action/adventure series at the beginning of October 2006 and has since aired the show in its high-rated action block daily. Together with TVE (Spain) coming on board, a product range including a toy line and comics has been launched in Spain with videogames and sticker collections to launch in the new year. The animated action adventure series will soon be ready to air across all free TV channels in Latin America with a new partner to be announced shortly.

DORK HUNTERS FROM OUTER SPACE is BKN's new comic adventure animated series, which follows the adventures of a team of five teen schoolmates, including three extra-terrestrials disguised as humans and a human brother and sister who will all work together to save the universe from the Dorks. The series was created by Rick Ungar (BIKER MICE FROM MARS).

ZORRO -- GENERATION Z is Zorro for the new millennium. Young Diego de la Vega alias El Zorro rides his Tornado motorbike to save the citizens of Pueblo Grande from its powerful mayor, aided by his best friend Bernando, who creates for Diego a lazer sword and a bullet-proof cape. This time Diego is joined by Maria, the mayor's daughter, who helps him fight for the less fortunate. The two teen superheroes are classmates who never discover their real identity when they meet as Zorro and the Scarlet Whip.

BKN Int'l AG is a global animation company engaged in the distribution and marketing of animated children's television programs and the marketing of related consumer products (licensing and merchandising) in all forms. For further information, visit

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