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BKN (Bohbot Kids Network) Bulldog Network, a programming block which debutsin the US on August 29, 1999, has acquired the programming and licensingrights for many worldwide territories for MONSTER RANCHER. The show willdebut as a lead entry on BKN as a daily Monday - Friday half-hour series.MONSTER RANCHER was originally developed in Japan as a Sony PlayStationvideo game by Tecmo, and the series is currently in production at TMS,Japan's largest animation house. The series is about an 11 year old boy whowins a MONSTER RANCHER CD-ROM that transports him to the Monster Rancherrealm where a monster named Moo plans to conquer the world by making allmonsters evil. BKN is also distributing ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES: ALIENS, MYTHS& LEGENDS.