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Bitfilm Festival Beckons!

7th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital FilmHamburg, GermanyNovember 2006Deadline: June 1, 2006

The 7th International Bitfilm Festival for Digital Film has reinvented itself. All selected films can be watched online. Netsurfers are encouraged to recommend them to each other, generating virus effects. The global Internet community will thus decide about the Bitfilm Awards in a viral voting process making Bitfilm 2006 the first festival worldwide which completely relies on the virus movie principle. The films with the highest viral potential are going to take the awards in each of the seven categories:

Categories include: * 3D Space Award - computer-generated 3D animations* FX Mix Award - digitally composed hybrids which mix various techniques* Flash Award - animations made with Flash* Machinima Award - films shot live in computer games* Demo Award - software that generates PC-based realtime animations* Micromovie Award - short clips designed for the small screens of mobile devices* Grand Prix Tv Digital - 3D or VFX-driven feature films (only trailers on the net)

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