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Bitfilm Deadline This Week!

Bitfilm Festival 2005Hamburg, GermanyNovember 2-6, 2005Deadline: July 15, 2005

The Bitfilm Festival for digital film and new media shows films that use digital technology in a creative and innovative way. There are six categories:

* 3D SPACE Computer-generated 3D animations * FX MIX - Digitally composed hybrids, mixing for example live action and animation * FLASH ATTACK - Films produced in Macromedia Flash * MACHINIMA - Movies made in real time with game engines * DEMOSHOW - Audiovisual programs using a PC processor and videocard* MICROMOVIES - Clips designed for the small screens of mobile devices * RINGTOONS - Animated ring videos for mobile phones * SUBVISIONS - Ultra shorts for underground train screens

There will be a total of 12,000 euros in prize money awarded. There is no entry fee. More information and submissions can be found at

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