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Bionicle And Galidor New For Game Boy Advance

LEGO Interactive and Electronic Arts announced the North American release of two adventure titles based on two successful LEGO product lines. BIONICLE: MATORAN ADVENTURES and GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION are now available for the Game Boy Advance. Drawing from the ABC Family TV series, GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION players take on the role of hero Nick Bluetooth who finds himself in an Outer Dimension on a quest to free friends who have fallen into the clutches of the evil tyrant Gorm. With the ultimate goal of finding the portal to Galidor and ridding the Outer Dimension of its wicked ruler, Nick encounters many challenges and foes along the way. Armed with the ability to "glinch," or absorb the attributes of enemies he defeats, Nick can fly, jump, grapple and navigate through his adventures. GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION has both 2D and 3D environments to explore across 21 levels. BIONICLE: MATORAN ADVENTURES is set around the elementally-themed regions of the island of Mata Nui. In the game, players must avoid and overcome the mighty Rahi beasts and the bug-like Bohrok as they solve puzzles, avoid traps, open doors and activate switches to reveal hidden chambers in each of the environments. BIONICLE: MATORAN ADVENTURES was developed by UK-based Argonaut Games plc and GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION was developed by Tiertex Design Studios, also based in the UK. Both games are rated "E" for Everyone.