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Bionatics Sprouts Discounted NatFX For Maya

Bionatics is now offering its 3D plant simulation and animation natFX1.1 plug-in for Maya at 30 percent off its retail market price. Bionatics with Alias|Wavefront is running this limited time offer until June 30, 2002 for new and existing customers. natFX tightly integrates into Maya enabling users to animate every aspect of the plant, while the plug-in's level of detail reduce polygon count while maintaining a richly textured plant. natFX automatically generates the skeleton, offering users the ability to set skeleton complexity, season, age and then view the model in 3D before sending it into Maya. The plants and trees offered with natFX are full geometries, so the plants and even the billboards can be raytraced. natFX1.1 comes with a 10 plant library and users can add additional plants by purchasing them online from Bionaticsâ Website, which features over 100 different plants and trees from around the world. natFX for Maya sells for a suggested retail price of US$1350. For more information visit Bionatics Website at