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Bionatics Natfx V 2.0 For Maya Grows Photo-Realistic Trees And Plants

Plant modeling and animation software natFX v2.0 for Maya is now available. Targeting the game developer community with its new set of powerful features allowing generation of low polygonal trees that are photo-realistic and can be animated with ease, Bionatics states that its 2D/3D hybrid technology will allow users to cut production costs by minimizing time spent on plant modeling and animation. Improved workflow management such as instant switching from complex to simple geometry and immediate access to materials and textures enable Maya users in film, games, architecture and digital content creation markets to be more productive, build quicker realistic environments and animate them with greater efficiency. With the new Hybrid Tree function, users can reduce polygon count, determine texture size, pre-tune colors, normalize UVs on the branches and select texture file types using the Texture Tuning function. natFX v2.0 for Maya is available with a minimum package of 10 plants at a retail price of US$1350. 210 different plants and trees from around the world are available from Bionatics' Website. Bionatics plant modeling and simulation programs have been used by Sony Imageworks, BBC, Ubisoft, Ubik Visual Effects, Slave Studios, The Mill, Ion Storm and Pivotal Game, to name a few. For more information visit