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Bill Plympton's Guilty Pleasures At WAC

The World Animation Celebration (WAC) will feature Bill Plympton's works

in a midnight show called "Guilty Pleasures."

The World Animation Celebration (WAC) will feature Bill Plympton in

an exceptional midnight show called "Guilty Pleasures." Bill will

introduce some of his short films: "Surprise Cinema," "Can't Drag

Race with Jesus" and "More Sex & Violence," and show a sneak preview

of "Mutant Aliens," plus some of his outrageous web animations from The show will take place at the Egyptian Theater in

L.A. on Friday, June 2, 2000. Check the WAC schedule for exact times

and admission prices ( Bill Plympton will

also be appearing at Carolines on Broadway in New York City on May

24, 2000. The presentation will include a sneak preview of his

upcoming feature, "Mutant Aliens," as well as a book party for

"Mutant Aliens," the book. Visit Bill's

web site for more details on

the event. "Mutant Aliens" is based on a graphic novel where an

American astronaut lost in space organizes an alien army for revenge.

The English version of the 188-page comic book is now available in

the AWN Store for $10.95 plus s/h.