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Bill Plympton Around The World

Bill Plympton has updated his appearance page. In the upcoming months, his films will be appearing in various festivals and other events, including the Sundance Film Festival, Park City, Utah, January 24-25, 2001; Animation Cinema Festival at the Politechnical University of Valencia, Spain, January 16-28, 2001; Sarasota Film Festival, Florida, January 10-14, 2001; San Francisco Independent Film Festival, California, January 11-21, 2001; Brussels Animation and Cartoon Festival, Belgium, February 21-March 3, 2001; New Filmmakers Short Program, New York, February 7, 2001; and CineAmbigu, Barcelona, Spain, April, 2001. Bill will be appearing at the University of Valencia and Sundance Film Festival. He will also be present at Dolly's Book Store, Park City, Utah, January 26, 2001; Viborg Art School 3-day workshop, Viborg, Denmark, May 2001; and Independent Animation: The Plympton Way, a masterclass at the School of Visual Arts, New York, June 26-29, 2001.

To celebrate the world premiere of his new feature, "Mutant Aliens," at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, Bill Plympton is offering you a sneak preview of the film with a 3-minute sinewy trailer (for mature audiences only!). Bill is also sharing his thoughts on the making of "Mutant Aliens," from the story concept to the film selection at Sundance, in a 4-part production diary. This brand new Web site also features still images and sketches from the film, and gives you information about the film screenings and Bill's presence at the festival.

The English version of the 188-page black and white comic book -- which served as the storyboard for "Mutant Aliens" -- is available in the AWN Store for $10.95 plus s/h.