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Bill Doeren Will Lead Kodak Digital Cinema

Consultant William B. Doeren has been named VP of the Kodak Entertainment Imaging division and GM of Kodak Digital Cinema Group, based in Culver City, California. He replaces Robert J. Mayson, who becomes VP/GM of Image Origination Products in the same Kodak division. Doeren worked closely with the team marketing the Kodak Digital Cinema Operating System, which includes a networked solution with unique Kodak software running on a Linux platform, supported by the 4,000-member Kodak global service organization. Doeren emphasizes that the system will be used initially for pre-show applications. "The pre-show business is evolving and growing rapidly and we foresee that continuing," he said. "That's why we are taking the long-term view, providing a Kodak solution that supports the growth of pre-show revenues today, and also protects our customers' investments by providing the 'backbone' for them to digitally project movies tomorrow." A 30-year vet in the exhibition business, Doeren has served in a broad range of senior management positions, including COO/director of AMC Entertainment, Inc., chairman/CEO of MGM International Cinema Group and CEO/vice chairman of General Cinema Theatres, Inc.