Search form Opens a Portal for External Game Developers

Press Release from Bigpoint GmbH

Bigpoint GmbH, the world's leading provider of browser-based online games (browser games), is opening its doors to external game providers and developers. With today's launch of the Bigpoint DevLounge at, game developers now have a place where they can go to integrate their browser games on the website Thanks to the introduction of the DevLounge, Bigpoint has positioned itself for the future as a publisher of online games. With over 63 million registered users worldwide, game providers will have new and unique opportunities to distribute their games. The portal will develop into the first source for online games and will offer the right game for every target group.

"With the introduction of the DevLounge on our portal, we're taking a further step in the direction of international expansion," explains Bigpoint founder and CEO Heiko Hubertz. " has a large community of gamers with over 63 million registrations and is therefore the perfect place for developers of browser games to professionally distribute and promote their games. From now until the end of the year, the number of games at will jump from approximately 30 games to 100 games, therefore providing each target group with the exactly right game. Of course, we'll continue to develop our own browser games and set new standards in terms of technology."

In the members-only area at, game developers are taken step by step through an easily integrated API. The integration process and the subsequent quality control check of each new game ensure that all games fulfill Bigpoint's high level of standards. Of course, all games will have to follow our company motto: "free to play". Bigpoint browser games offer players hours of free gaming entertainment, but in which users can spend a little pocket change, if they want, on virtual goods to receive time -- and therefore game -- advantages. With a share of the revenues, developers can also earn money with their games.