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Big Slate Of December DVD Releases

There's a little something for everyone this month, from another installment in the LAND BEFORE TIME series, to classic Disney, to dinosaurs running amok. Check out selected highlights of the new animation and DVD releases for the month of December 2001.

December 4, 2001

WALT DISNEY TREASURESFor the first time, Walt Disney Home Entertainment is making its WALT DISNEY TREASURES collection available on DVD. Available in four separate 2-disc volumes, these DVD sets, hosted by Leonard Maltin, include a collection of classic Disney shows, many of which have never been released on DVD before. Each volume is individually numbered and comes in a collectable tin that includes a themed, exclusive lithograph. The four volumes are: DISNEYLAND U.S.A., which features early programs about the Disneyland theme park; MICKEY MOUSE IN LIVING COLOR, a collection of 26 well-known Mickey Mouse color cartoons from 1935-1938;and SILLY SYMPHONIES, which includes 36 of the seminal animated musical films. The final set contains five episodes of the television show DAVY CROCKETT. Suggested retail price (each): DVD limited edition 2-disc set $32.99.

GHOST OF MARS SPECIAL EDITIONJohn Carpenter's latest about a long dormant Martian civilization wreaking havoc on the Red Planet. Visual effects by Amalgamated Pixels. DVD features include audio commentary with director John Carpenter and actor Natasha Henstridge, scoring GHOSTS OF MARS featurette, and special effects deconstructions. Suggested retail price: DVD $27.95.

THE LAND BEFORE TIME: THE BIG FREEZEDinosaur Littlefoot and his pals must escape the mysterious "frozen skywater" which is freezing out the food supply in this all new direct to video sequel. DVD features include interactive sing-along songs, interactive read-along and Littlefoot's Seek and Find Game. Suggested retail price: DVD $24.98; VHS $19.98.

PEARL HARBOR 60TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE EDITIONRomantic triangle involving two fly boys and a nurse in WWII, set against the backdrop of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Visual effects by ILM. DVD features include, bonus documentary on the attack on Pearl Harbor, an introduction by director Michael Bay, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, documentary on Pearl Harbor veterans and cast interviews. Suggested retail price: DVD 2-disc set $29.99; VHS 2 cassettes $24.99.

December 11, 2001

JURASSIC PARK III COLLECTOR'S EDITIONThe third installment of the series finds paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) stranded on mist-shrouded Isla Sorna with Tea Leoni, William H. Macy and a whole mess of dinosaurs. Visual effects by ILM. The DVD includes over 10 hours of features including a look at the making of the film featuring the filmmakers, cast and crew, running audio commentary by the team responsible for the film's special effects, and "A Visit to ILM," which follows the evolution of the film's CGI work, including the groundbreaking skin and muscle simulation. Witness the 20 different stages in a rare step-by-step look at the computer graphics created by ILM. Plus storyboards, production drawings, games and more. Suggested retail price: DVD (Anamorphic widescreen or Full Frame) $26.98; VHS $22.98.

Also being released on DVD this date is a Special 4-Disc JURASSIC PARK "Trilogy Collection," which includes all three JURASSIC PARK films and an exclusive Bonus Disc containing never-before-seen footage from all three films. Suggested retail price: DVD (Anamorphic widescreen) 4-Disc set: $75.98.

THE POWERPUFF GIRLS: MEET THE BEAT-ALLS (re-issue)Virus-free, the POWERPUFF GIRLS MEET THE BEAT-ALLS returns to the shelves in time for Christmas! The DVD includes 7 episodes (MEET THE BEAT-ALLS, JEWEL OF THE AISLE, EQUAL FIGHTS, BUBBLEVISION, COLLECT HER, BOUGHT & SCOLD, BUTTERCRUSH), Mojo Jojo's commentary on MEET THE BEAT-ALLS, the Mayor's commentary on BOUGHT AND SCOLD, a music video by Apples in Stereo and the making of the music video. Suggested retail price: DVD $19.98.

December 18, 2001

MOULIN ROUGE SPECIAL EDITIONThe steamy French nightclub Moulin Rouge is recreated in revisionist glory by director Baz Luhrmann, who gives viewers a dazzling visual orgy wrapped up in an absinthe-inspired retelling of the Orpheus myth. And it's a musical! Visual effects by Animal Logic and Asylum VFX. DVD features include two audio commentary tracks, and an audio track for the visually impaired, multiple featurettes including "Creating The Intro To The Film," and "Animating The Green Fairy," music videos, theatrical trailers and a still gallery featuring artwork by Ellen Von Unwerth, Mary Ellen Mark, Douglas Kirkland, Sue Adler and Merrick Morton. Suggested retail price: DVD 2-disc set: $29.98.