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Big Machine Titles X-Testers For The Learning Channel

Big Machine Design (BMD) has produced a new main title opening sequence and show graphics package for the TV program X-TESTERS, which airs on The Learning Channel. For X-TESTERS, BMD produced a main title opening sequence combining graphics and live action. BMDs client for the program was Lee Toft, post supervisor at Mike Mathis Prods.

Toft said, Big Machine Design came up big for us once again with this new graphics package. They gave us yet another interesting look by integrating live action, shot with a 24p camera, along with their graphic design, for a rich, luxurious film look, while still remaining within our budget.

X-TESTERS is a quirky new paranormal investigation show, hosted by Clark James, a Master of Illusion, and Patrick Denver, a Special Effects Guru. The show can best be described as a cross between X-FILES and MYTH BUSTERS with a little ROBOT CHICKEN thrown in. It follows the adventures of Clark and Patrick as they try to recreate various phenomena (i.e. flying saucers, ghosts, spontaneous human combustion, etc.), which have previously been caught on film.

"The producers of the show were looking for an open that would explain the concept of the show without appearing too dark," said BMD exec producer Steve Petersen. "We added the humorous elements of scared ghosts, a cow being abducted by a UFO and cute aliens to ensure that the tone of the Main Title would not be too eerie."

"We shot all of our own fire elements using the Panasonic Varicam. Then we composited the flames into the scenes, adding additional lighting effects to make the fire seem more real, said BMD creative director Ken Carlson. "Our 3D animators then brought life to the scenes by adding fully animated alien characters."

The software used on the project included Final Cut Pro 5, Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D.

Credits list:Exec producer: Steve PetersenCreative director: Ken CarlsonAssociate producer: Elaina PorterSenior designer: Ming-Shian Wang3D character design & animation: Steve LawrenceProduction designer: Joe WarsonGrip: Glenn Porter

Hollywood, California-based Big Machine Design was founded in 2003 by Steve Petersen and Ken Carlson. For more information, visit

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