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BiG MACHiNE Creates 10 Original Shorts for AMC Fearfest

Visual production company BiG MACHiNE completes "Living Nightmares," a series of 10 original short films for AMC Fearfest.

Los Angeles, CA -- Visual production company BiG MACHiNE recently completed "Living Nightmares," a series of 10 original short films or "shockumentaries" for AMC Fearfest. BiG MACHiNE also shot the promos for the popular network horror-movie marathon, which this year is hosted by Kevin Smith, executive producer of AMC's Comic Book Men

Featuring the best in contemporary and classic horror films, AMC Fearfest 2012 puts the traditional movie-and-a-host format to rest. BiG MACHiNE, led by director Steve Petersen, created nearly 40 minutes of scripted, live-action content to coincide with each night's film selection such as Friday the 13th, From Dusk Till Dawn and Halloween

Conceived to frighten and enlighten AMC viewers with a blockbuster dose of scary, each 3- to 5-minute film explores the possibilities lurking behind the bone-chilling myths of our favorite movies, from alien abduction and co-habitating spirits, to cannibalism and the dangers of Halloween. 

BiG MACHiNE's first short, entitled Abduction, debuted on Monday, October 15th during Friday the 13th Part 2. The remaining original films will roll out, one by one, during primetime movie screenings until Halloween night. 

The AMC Fearfest collaboration cements BiG MACHiNE's evolution from a design & VFX company to a full-service creative & production agency, as evidenced by its body of content-driven work in long-format docudramas, high-end commercials, promos, and network packages. 

"AMC presented us with an exciting filmmaking commission," concludes Petersen. "It gave us a unique opportunity to go beyond the typical network promo and tap our diverse filmmaking range and resources for creating original, scripted content."  

Source: BiG MACHiNE

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