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BFX Imageworks Creates VFX for Syfy Shark Features

Visual effects boutique BFX Imageworks recently completed VFX for "Super Shark" and "Jersey Shore Shark Attack," two features set to premiere this summer on the Syfy Channel.

Press release from BFX Imageworks:


Visual effects boutique BFX Imageworks, run by husband-and-wife team Steven and BenniQue Blasini, recently completed VFX for Super Shark and Jersey Shore Shark Attack, two features set to premiere this summer on the Syfy Channel. 

Super Shark, premiering on Saturday, May 26, at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT, is also a BFX Imageworks Co-Production. The studio handled all 166 VFX shots, including the depiction of an ancient oversized Megalodon-like shark which has adapted to walking on land and flying. The shark is released by an over-zealous oil company that uses improper chemicals in its off-shore drilling station. The battle between Super Shark and the Army’s latest secret weapon, a quadruped walking tank, is not to be missed.

Steven Blasini, BFX Visual Effects Supervisor said, “Some of the new things you’ll be seeing in our film that you don’t normally see in a low-budget shark movie is the detail given to the interaction between the CGI creature and the real water it swims in. Most other shark films don’t bother to show this intricate and difficult-to-achieve process.”

Shot on location in Los Angeles and produced by Synthetic Filmwerks in association with BFX Imageworks, Super Shark stars John Schneider (Desperate Housewives, Dukes of Hazzard) as the oil company CEO and Sarah Lieving (Lakeview Terrace, Monster) as the crusading investigator out to stop him and stop Super Shark from devastating the town.

Legendary director/producer Fred Olen Ray, who helmed the production, commented, “Having worked with BFX on numerous projects we have seen them excel in everything from motion graphics to lifelike creature animation. Flat out, there's really nothing these guys can't do.”

Then, just two short weeks later, on June 9 at 9pmEDT/6pm PDT, Syfy premieres its summer tentpole feature, Jersey Shore Shark Attack, with all 243 VFX shots provided by BFX Imageworks. Jersey Shore Shark Attack details the story of a pack of rare Albino Bull Sharks released from their lair by over-zealous oil drillers and released into the Jersey Shore area, where mayhem ensues.

“In this one, you’ll see more of our signature real water interacting with CG elements, in addition to lots of muzzle flare, blood hits, set extensions and one interesting set piece involving the destruction of a pier and a ferris wheel,” comments Blasini.

Produced by Hybrid and shot on location in Los Angeles, the film stars Tony Sirico (The Sopranos), Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas), Jack Scalia (Dallas), Joey Fatone (‘N Sync), William Atherton (Die Hard) and Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino (playing an enthusiastic reporter). The movie unfolds during the July 4 weekend at the Jersey Shore, where angry sharks are on a rampage, devouring residents and leaving it to the locals to save the day.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with BFX Imageworks on a number of films now, and their craftsmanship and creativity never cease to amaze me,” said Peter Sullivan, producer of Jersey Shore Shark Attack. “Whether it’s unleashing a colony of bats on a talking dog and his owner, sending a school of sharks after unsuspecting beachgoers, or crushing two of Hollywood's finest actors with a runaway ferris wheel, Steve and BenniQue always rise to the challenge and excel my greatest expectations. Their enthusiasm and work ethic are second to none and I look forward to continuing our relationship on many future films.”

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