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The Best Of ResFest Now On DVD

ResFest, the travelling digital film festival, has collected a selection of 16 of the most popular films from past festivals and released them for the first time on DVD. THE BEST OF RESFEST VOLUME 1, released April 30, 2002, features live-action and animated shorts, including Tommy Pallotta and Bob Sabistons SNACK & DRINK, TONGUES & TAXIS by Michael Overbeck, festival favorite PASTA FOR WAR by Zach Schlappi and MAX, a war story told with GI Joe dolls created by Detroits AWOL collective. The annual ResFest travels to 14 cities on 5 continents including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, London, Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. The 2002 Festival Tour kicks off in San Francisco on September 18. For more information or to purchase the DVD, visit