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Bert Smets’ Hopla Finds Commercial Home At Telescreen

Bert Smets has chosen Telescreen to handle all commercial rights to his animated HOPLA series (104x5) so he can focus on the creative process.

Smets commends Telescreen for its, all round knowledge with regard to animation productions and licensing forms, making it the perfect combination with my own creative perspective. I am sure that we can mean a lot for each other.

HOPLA is a cute and enjoyable 3D animated series for very young children. Each five-minute sequel contains about seven items corresponding to the world of children. The main character is Hopla the rabbit. This incredibly cuddly bunny and with his friends, Lola the Kitten, Onki the Piglet and Nina the Little Bear, meet daily grown-up matters adjusted to his own cute little Hopla world.

HOPLA airs in Belgium with the VRT and in Canada, France and Japan. A broad range of Hopla books and games has already been released.

In 1986, Smets graduated as a graphic designer/illustrator in Antwerp. Years later, in 1993, he learned how to use 3D software. At a time when 3D software was mostly used for science fiction illustrations, Smets wanted to create something in 3D especially for toddlers and infants. Thus he created a unique style (simple forms, bright and warm colors) for Hopla in 1999, see

Producer, agent and distributor, Telescreen ( is renowned for more than 20 years known for its quality productions, successful partnerships and knowledge with regards to all rights exploitation possibilities and is still expanding into new fields of media opportunities at its headquarters in Anhilversum, The Netherlands.