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Bent Image Makes Rudolph Rock for Saturday Night Live

Santa may be wearing a red suit but hes got anything but a red attitude in the latest animation Bent Image Lab did for a TV Funhouse segment on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (Dec. 18, 2004). The studio did an incredible looking stop-motion five-minute 'Rudolph'-type bit (written by Robert Smigel) poking fun at racial and political bias and intolerance.

The amazingly rich production took the studio just two weeks to complete.You may view the short at and find it relevant for before and after Christmas sentiments.

Bent Image Lab is an animation laboratory/live-action production studio headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Named Bent because it bends rules, light and the imagination, the team is highly skilled in many creative disciplines. Its mission is to generate the future in mixed-media /animation /live action.