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Bent Image Lab Animates 'Love Story' for Chips Ahoy

Bent Image Labs help animated “Love Story,” for Chips Ahoy, a saucy sequel to the Cookie Guys’ “Convertible.”



Chips Ahoy's wildly successful “Convertible” campaign launched the brand in China. Since then, the Chips Ahoy! Cookie Guy has kept igniting the enthusiasm of cookie fans with his amusing singing and dancing performances.

This year’s campaign, “Love Story,” is a tribute to the original campaign, serving as a saucy sequel to the cookie guys’ road trip in “Convertible.”

The new campaign sees our Cookie falling in love on the road with a Chocolate Lady -- her chocolate kisses leave a lasting impression on him.

Kraft & Draft FCB were keen that this year the Cookie Guy gets more recognition, not only for his fun personality, but also for the rich chocolate chips packed in his delicious cookie. The new campaign was created to expand the consumers’ awareness and appetite.

Tom Shum, Group Creative Director at Draft FCB Shanghai describes the new campaign as “The best combination of beauty and taste. The product truth – told in a romantic and fun way.”

“After years of research, we finally found what the brand means to local consumers,” said Denis Dong, Brand Manager at Kraft. “It’s greatly satisfying to present the brand attributes and emotional benefits in such a fun approach. All thanks to a great strategy and top-call execution.”  

The production companies, Bent Image Lab animation (Portland), and Tribe (Shanghai) were thrilled to be part of “bringing convertible back” to the Chinese public. Tribe and Bent have been collaborating with Kraft and Draft FCB Shanghai for the past three campaigns. Director Paul Harrod says, “It is great to continue the storyline of the original ‘Convertible’ spot that was done by my friend, Bent director Ken Lidster.”

“We love working with Kraft, Tribe and Draft FCB on these spots,” says Bent executive director Ray Di Carlo. “The humorous stories and charismatic cookie characters always make great spots for Bent to produce.”

Source: Bent Image Lab

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