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Ben Stein Wins With Shockwave

Ben Stein, the host of Comedy Central's hit gameshow WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY, will have his own animated gameshow on Stein has signed a deal with Shockwave to create an on-line game, a series of e-greeting cards and a daily poll for Shockwave visitors. The single and multi-player game asks questions which Stein calls knowledge --rather than trivia -- based. Stein will have a toon likeness helm the show and sponsors of the series will offer the prizes. Currently, the Shockwave show has no official connection with the TV series, however talks are under way to allow top on-line players a chance to compete on the Comedy Central show. Helping in the development of the project will be co-creator and executive producer of WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY, Al Burton. The greeting cards will feature Ben Stein's mug and voice-over quotes. Financial terms of the two-year deal were not disclosed. Rob Burgess, chairman of Shockwave told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm thrilled to bring Ben Stein's creative programming to the audience of His extraordinary appeal to a college-age audience will enhance our already strong connection to that generation." Stein joins SOUTH PARK's Trey Parker and Matt Stone, TWIN PEAKS' creator David Lynch, comic book master Stan Lee and gothic filmmaker Tim Burton who are all creating original content for the Webcaster.

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