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Bauhaus Software Introduces Mirage Nomad Tablet

Bauhaus Software Inc. unveiled Mirage Nomad, a new tablet PC-based animation and storyboarding system for 2D artists. Mirage Nomad frees artists to draw, paint and animate anywhere. From storyboards and pencil tests, to fully-colored final animation and vfx, Mirage Nomad is a powerful, portable 2D animation studio that easily fits in a backpack.

The clipboard-sized Mirage Nomad is based on the award-winning Motion LE1600 Tablet PC, weighing only 3.1 pounds and featuring a Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processor running at 1.5GHz. Mirage Nomad includes 1GB upgradeable RAM, a 30GB upgradeable hard drive (shock-mounted for enhanced durability), the View Anywhere display and WiFi connectivity. Combining the Motion LE1600 with Mirage enables artists to create any classical or digital style of 2D animation from cel animation and anime, to rotoscoping, cutout animation and more.

Mirage Nomad ushers in a whole new era of opportunity for 2D animators, said Dan Kraus, ceo of Bauhaus Software. Now, rather than being constrained to a desk or a light table, animators can work anywhere and have studio-quality tools at their fingertips.

"The LE1600 is great for creative industries like 2D animation that need pressure-sensitive digitized pen input, added Valerie Walden, Motion Computing vp of marketing. The LE1600s computing power and large, bright 12.1 display provides Mirage Nomad users with a workstation-class system they can take anywhere.

The Mirage Nomad is available immediately through the Bauhaus website (, Complete Tablet Solutions ( and CTS-authorized resellers at a suggested MSRP of $2,995. Further information on the Mirage Nomad system can be found at

San Antonio, Texas-based Bauhaus Software is a leading provider of products and technologies for the 2D animation and visual effects markets.