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'Bat Pat' Scores Key Broadcast Deals

Broadcast partners Rai Fiction and RTVE join as companies begin production of the first 52 11-minite episodes of the creepy sitcom.


Milan, Barcelona -- Production and Distribution partners Atlantyca Entertainment, Imira Entertainment, and Inspidea along with new broadcast and participation partners Rai Fiction (Italy), GD Animation Fund and RTVE (Spain) are set to commence production on the comedy adventure animated series Bat Pat (52 x 11’). The announcement was made jointly by Atlantyca Entertainment’s Head of Animation Department and Executive Producer, Caterina Vacchi, Imira Entertainment’s, CEO Sergi Reitg and Andrew Ooi, Managing Director of Inspidea.

Based on the successful book series of the same name, Bat Pat is a spooky animated adventure-comedy that proves the supernatural isn’t always evil – just misunderstood. Bat Pat is joined by Silver siblings: Rebecca, Leo and Martin, and a range of lovable creepy characters. Together with their winged companion, who has a terrible memory for supernatural facts with a keen nose for nocturnal mischief, the four best friends work to help the quirky Fogville town dwellers to unravel the mysteries of the scary creatures that lurk about. Balancing comedy and action, the series is a spooky sitcom that maintains the fast paced quirky character humor of a traditional comedy mixed up with some unexpected adventures.

 “We are so excited to be starting production on the first season of a project so close to our hearts,” said Atlantyca’s Vacchi. “We are delighted to be working with Imira, and Inspidea and now Rai and RTVE to bring this funny and exciting new show to young viewers everywhere.”

Sergi Reitg, CEO of Imira Entertainment, adds “Bat Pat is a fantastic collaboration which we are delighted to be part of, along with our strategic partner GD Animation Fund, and broadcasters RTVE and Rai. The show is fresh and original, guaranteed to entertain young audiences the world over.”

"We look forward to beginning the production of Bat Pat," said Andrew Ooi. "The background artists in our studio are excited to explore every nook and cranny of Fogville. Our animation artists are eager to bring Bat Pat and the Silvers to life in glorious 2D. We will make creepy moments tense and the funny bits hilarious. Bat Pat is going to be a fun project to work on!"

Bat Pat is one of our key new productions and we are thrilled to be working with Atlantyca once again, as a co-production partner on an another series that is based on such a popular book series” stated Luca Milano, Head of Marketing and Animation, Rai Fiction. “The animation concepts and designs feature the latest in state-of-art animation resulting in really eye-catching animation. The genre is perfect for today’s young audiences: creepy and spooky, filled with humor. We know our young audiences, boys and girls, are certain to love Bat Pat and will easily identify with the kids who are Bat Pat’s best friends.”

Yago Fandiño, Kids Content Manager of RTVE/Clan TV said “One of the key strengths of Bat Pat is the richness of its characters and the innovative transmedia strategy, and given this we are confident Bat Pat will become a charismatic character to accompany fans across all their devices. We look forward to working closely with Imira Entertainment, Atlantyca Entertainment, Inspidea and RAI Fiction to turn Bat Pat into a new classic.”

Source: Atlantyca Entertainment

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