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Barry Bonds, BALCO Scandal Lampooned by Web Animation

For an animated Internet lampoon of the BALCO steroid scandal involving major league baseball players Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield has been lampooned by an Internet animation.

The two-minute cartoon, which can be viewed for free at, was written and directed by Will Horan, who says he was inspired by the web animations that parodied the 2004 presidential election (by JibJab).

"I just wanted to do something funny and make people laugh" said Horan, who saw a tremendous jump in traffic with very little advertising.

Set to original music, his MADE WITH THG contrasts skinny ballplayers hitting a baseball against the big and strong Bonds, Giambi and Sheffield. Another scenes include Sheffield rubbing a cream on his knee and claiming he didn't know it contained any banned substances, a disapproving George Steinbrenner waving his finger in disgust as his two Yankee ballplayers hold up a mug that says, The Clear.

To derive some revenue, Horan is selling on his website a line of T-shirts with art depicting the excessively muscular ballplayers and read, "BALCO presents The Homerun Guys." The letters THG stand out in a bright red color, as a play on words. THG known as tetrahydrogestrinone is the previously undetectable steroid at the heart of the scandal.