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Barbie Makes The Scene In New Spots By Curious Pictures

Barbie grows up in Mattel's new spots for My Scene Barbie, which target the classic doll to a new audience of tween girls. To launch the My Scene line, Mattel and ad agency Peterson Milla Hooks in Minneapolis turned to New York design and production company Curious Pictures to produce a package of TV spots. Directed by Boo Wong, 3 of the spots are cel animated and 5 are a mix of live-action and graphics. The three 15-second animated spots titled "Webcam Barbie," "Webcam Chelsea" and "Webcam Madison" are a combination of hand drawn animation, illustrated backgrounds and 3D CG elements. The spots are urban short stories (Barbie leaves her cel phone in a cab! Madison is foiled in her attempts to buy a new shirt!) with cliffhanger endings and the closing tag inviting the viewer to visit the Website for the outcome of the story. Much of the art and illustrations created for the spots was also used for the Website and for product brochures, based on a style guide of characters, icons and props created by Curious. Character design was by Chris Long with background design by Margaret Wuller. The animation was done by Curious and Wachtenheim/Marianetti LLC. The music was written and produced at Hest and Kramer in Minneapolis.