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Bandai Scores Licensing Deal For Tinga Tinga Tales

Press Release from Bandai

Classic Media, which owns and manages a portfolio of some of the world’s leading family and pop-culture entertainment brands, today announces that Bandai has been appointed the master toy partner for its new produced-in-Africa preschool animated series Tinga Tinga Tales.  Bandai will create a broad range of toy product based upon the brand and is expected to launch its range in the UK in late 2010.

Bandai, the world’s third largest toy company, joins Penguin Group, the master publishing partner for the brand, as a key global partner. The series is co-commissioned by CBeebies in the UK and Playhouse Disney in the US and is set to make its broadcast debut in early 2010 on CBeebies.

You may think you know why Elephant has a long trunk, or why Tortoise has a broken shell, but actually, there’s a whole other story!  Created by highly regarded UK producer, Tiger Aspect, and inspired by traditional African folktales and art, Tinga Tinga Tales (52 X 11 mins) tells entertaining stories about how children’s favourite animals came to be.

Andrew Kerr, Executive Vice President, International Marketing & Consumer Products, Classic Media, commented: “We are thrilled to have a partner of Bandai’s quality and capability on board as the key global consumer product licensee for Tinga Tinga Tales. Bandai’s commitment to innovative product development and the long-term growth of key brands make them the ideal partner to bring Tinga Tinga Tales to life in toys for children around the world.”

Nicole Blake, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Consumer Products North America, Classic Media, commented: “A one-of-a-kind series, Tinga Tinga Tales exposes preschool children to a culture beyond their own and is bound to be a universal hit with kids around the world.  Bandai is a recognized leader in launching brands on a truly global scale and a perfect partner to capture the distinct appeal of Tinga Tinga Tales through toys.”

Rosie Bayles, Director of Licensing, Bandai Europe, commented: “We are extremely pleased to announce this relationship with Classic Media for Tinga Tinga Tales.  The brand is entirely original and lends itself wonderfully to a wide range of toy applications that Bandai is uniquely capable of bringing to the international marketplace.”

Tor Sirset, Vice President Girls and Preschool Business Unit, Bandai America, commented, “Tinga Tinga Tales is an ideal property for Bandai's Global team, because it offers a strong base of characters, wonderful stories, unique art style and impactful music. We are lucky to have a partner like Classic Media for this innovative new property.  Tinga Tinga Tales is a great addition to our preschool business.”

Andrew Zein, Managing Director, Tiger Aspect Productions, added, "Since the earliest days of this exciting project we have realised the potential Tinga Tinga Tales has to reach a global audience through working with the best merchandising specialists out there. Bandai is precisely the sort of company we aspire to work with ¾ producing as it does beautiful products created to the finest design specifications."

Bandai’s territories include North and South America, the UK and Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and an option on Australasia.  Additionally, Bandai will participate in the brand’s philanthropic activity benefiting Africa.