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Bandai Launches Witch Hunter Robin Website

Bandai Entertainment has launched to help promote the upcoming DVD release of Shukou Murases anime series, WITCH HUNTER ROBIN. The site will feature information about the characters, setting, production as well as news reports, background information, DVD release dates and trailers. An interactive Witch Hunting Experience is planned to go live at the end of August. 2003

Directed by Murase (character designer for GUNDAM WING, ARGENTOSOMA), the series is set in present-day Japan where witches abuse their supernatural powers and a special team is assigned to hunt this new threat to society. The series made its North American premiere at Anime Expo 2003.

Chris Beveridge of said, [WITCH HUNTER ROBIN] reminds us why we love anime so much. Style and substance all wrapped up in an attractive package. This is a winner in my eyes.

DVD extras include: interactive animated menus, Dolby Digital audio, English/Japanese language, English subtitles option, textless opening and ending, STNJ personnel files, liner notes, reversible cover and trailers. The DVD release is scheduled to arrive on October 7, 2003. The first installment, Arrival, will sell for $29.98 and a limited edition, including a collectors art box, t-shirt, original CD soundtrack, a collectors beverage glass and two collectable animation cels, will sell for $59.98.

Bandai Entertainment Inc. is a leading distributor of Japanese animation on DVD and home video in North America. The companys titles include MOBILE FIGHTER G GUNDAM, ESCAFLOWNE, COWBOY BEBOP and S-CRY-ED. For more information visit

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