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Ballistic Publishing Announces Expose 7

Press Release from Ballistic Publishing

Adelaide, South Australia - 27th April 2009 -- Ballistic Publishing is proud to announce the pinnacle of digital art with EXPOSE 7, the latest book in its groundbreaking series celebrating the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe. With more art, more artists, and a judging panel unanimous in its praise for the remarkable standard of work, EXPOSE 7 showcases a talented community of digital artists and their inspirational art.

"There is some fantastic work in there and it was extremely hard to choose what to omit," explains Max Dennison, EXPOSE 7 advisory board member and founder of Matte Painting UK. "On the whole the quality of entries was brilliant and the complexity of ideas was astonishing -- better than last year I believe!"

An epic number of entries were received for EXPOSE 7 allowing the Ballistic team to squeeze in a record number of artworks surpassing EXPOSE 6 by 59 pieces. Of the 6,288 images entered, 391 were featured in EXPOSE 7 coming from 288 artists in 51 countries, and in the tradition of the EXPOSE series, a substantial number of the featured artists (over one third) were published for the first time in EXPOSE 7.

EXPOSE 7 showcases the world's best digital art in the categories of: Portrait (Painted & Rendered); Fantasy; Fantasy Femmes; Architecture (Exterior & Interior); Concept Art; Environment; Futurescapes; Matte Painting; Science Fiction; Robotic/Cyborg; Abstract & Design; Product Design & Still Life; Warriors & Conflict; Whimsical; Storytelling; Wildlife; Steampunk; and Transport. Across all these categories, Ballistic Publishing is uncompromising in its pursuit of quality, and each image that appears in EXPOSE is individually color-corrected to maintain a standard of output that no other art publisher can match.

EXPOSE 7 entries were judged into Master and Excellence classes by a judging panel of renowned artists including: Stephan Martiniere (concept artist and EXPOSE Grand Master), Lorne Lanning (Co-founder of Oddworld Inhabitants), Chris Sloane (Art Director of National Geographic), Max Dennison (matte artist and founder of Matte Painting UK), Alex Morris (Director at Hayes Davidson), Chris Stoski (matte painter and concept artist), Brom (fantasy artist), and Philip Straub (art director and concept artist).

"The digital arts community continues to shine with more artists creating better artwork than ever before. The Ballistic Publishing team strives to create the best collection of digital art in our EXPOSE series every year, and we're energized by this year's record number of artists and entries," explains Daniel Wade, Co-Publisher of Ballistic Publishing.

To coincide with the launch of EXPOSE 7, Ballistic Publishing has created a Facebook group for the book. Award winners, and the EXPOSE 7 Grand Master announcement will be sent out to group members to keep them up to date with all the essential EXPOSE 7 news. To join the EXPOSE 7 group, visit:

Pricing and Availability

EXPOSE 7 is available in three editions: Hardcover (USD$75); Softcover (USD$64); and Limited Edition (USD$170). More details about the books and availability can be found on the Ballistic Publishing website at:

The EXPOSE 7 Limited Edition release includes an additional 16 pages of artist profiles and 8 Limited Edition prints.

An exclusive, specially commissioned 30-minute video tutorial by EXPOSE 7 cover artist Bente Schlick is also available to all EXPOSE 7 Limited Edition buyers and the first 300 EXPOSE 7 Hardcover/Softcover buyers.