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Bakugan To Debut On Cartoon Network

The hit anime series BAKUGAN will make its U.S. debut Feb. 24 on Cartoon Network.

Airing first in Japan and Canada, the series follows the adventures of Dan and his fellow Battle Brawlers as they use strategy and skill to save the Earth from destruction.

BAKUGAN begins with kids around the world discovering cards with different characters.

They create a battle game with them, not realizing the cards correspond to an alternate universe called Vestroia, where Bakugan warriors are waging war.

"Baku" in Japanese means "to explode" and "gan" means "sphere."

Bakugan are small spheres from a far-off universe that morph into powerful warriors, sent to Earth when the war in Vestroia spins out of control.

Now Dan and his friends must save both universes from destruction with their Battle Brawling skills.

BAKUGAN is produced by Sega Toys Ltd., Spin Master Ltd., Nelvana Enterprises, TMS Entertainment, Ltd., Japan Vistec Inc. and Sega Corporation, with animation by Japan Vistec Inc. and TMS Entertainment, Ltd