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AWNtv's Vacation Spot - Sunburn, Road Trips, Runaway Ice Cream Trucks

AWNtv's latest playlist, The Vacation Spot, looks at the fun and frustrations of summertime activities, including sunburn, road trips and a runaway ice cream truck. Flaming backs just a day at the beach in THE TOURISTS. Hit the road with JESUS AND HIS BROTHERS. We all scream for CONEHEAD. Book into the not-so-friendly skies in 29E. Summer... buses... people... rage! All in GREY. Popeye dives for Olive in I WANNA BE A LIFEGUARD. Summer storms close FIN D'ETE (END OF SUMMER). End on safari in TRACKS.

New flicks too! Puerto Rico is cold in SOUTH POLE.

Scratch till you bleed in IT'S AN ITCH.

Pop in and see A PIMPLE.

Bill Plympton draws a line in MEXICAN STANDOFF for musician Parson Brown.

Girls went wild now SQUIRRELS GONE WILD.

For a hot summer, cool shorts this week are Rosa Lykiardopoulos' A DAY IN THE LIFE OF RUFUS MARMADUKE, Jordan Lamarre-Wan's KABOOM, and Rune and Erik Erikson's THE BUNGEE JUMP SKELETON MAN.

Jump into the fun!

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