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AWNtv This Week - Bathroom Lovin', Prince-Hungry Pussycat & Mom

Great new vids, celebrating mom this week at AWNtv!

In celebration of Mother's Day, AWNtv showcases a mix of female characters and female filmmakers.

From a child's innocence in SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS to the later years of life in WOMAN IN THE ATTIC -- AWNtv shows its feminine side.

New! New! New!

Shocking... and hilarious... new series WERBOPBOP -- nsfw for sure!

Love... bathrooms... decapitation... all in Jason Donati's HEAD QUARTERS.

Chaos ensues in Ivan Rusev's YELLOW.

Paranoia everywhere in Jason Donati's EVIL I.

HEY! HEY!! HEY!! -- love hasn't changed since the Ice Age in Poky Wu's CG short.

So who made the cool vids list this week, you ask? Here they are -- Arthur de Pins' THE CRAB REVOLUTION, Tom Schroeder's THE MEXICAN CLOUD SWING DISASTER and Jason Hite's STASIS.

Don't miss any of it! Watch now

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