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AWNtv This Week - Bad Boys of Animation & Rockin' Videos

AWNtv let animated girls go wild; now it introduces the bad boys... you know you love them.

From Cole who needs women to a naughty door-to-door salesman to super cool Disco Cool to seven sinners to an avenging line-dancing bear to randy neutered cats to convertible-driving pigs to black-hatted cowboys -- the bad boys are talking over AWNtv!

For something new -- more than snowballs get thrown in DARTS IN THE SNOW.

Justice seeking acorns vs. scheming squirrels in NUTZ.

Come to the dark side for LA PETITE ET LA MORT.

Rock out to two cool non-English music vids -- ATRAPADOS and KO JE JAMIO JAMIO!

And don't miss Louis Hudson's COUNTDOWN, Eric Wagner's SPIDER'S WALK, and Belle Mellor's SLEEP WITH THE FISHES -- the cool vids of the week.

Check it all out!

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Rick DeMott
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