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AWNtv Loves Blood-Thirsty Dogs, Drunkin' Bears & Birdcalls

AWNtv celebrates animators' love for them animals.

AWNtv celebrates animators' love for them animals. Enjoy a collection of man's best friends, or in some cases worst nightmares. Bursting from the page is BIRDCALLS. Classic rivalry in DOGS AND CATS. How much is the bloody puppy in PUPPY CHOW? Comforting canine in SAM HAD NEVER SEEN HER LOOK SO SAD. Masquerading crocs in CROCODILE JOURNALS. Revenge-fueled yellow bears in BEASTY. Drunkin' Russian bears in POTAPYCH. And one unlucky amphibian in the twisted FROG.

And AWNtv's cool vids of the week are: Joaquin Baldwin's SEBASTIAN'S VOODOO, Katie Steed's DEATH BY SCRABBLE and Sarah Orenstein's WINDOWS, MASKS & DOORS.

Watch them now!

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