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AWNtv Has A Bloody Good Time

Indie animation allows the freedom for edgier material, especially when it comes to blood and guts. So this week AWNtv has a bloody good collection. Learn good ole revenge in LEARN SELF DEFENSE. Dates turn red in WERBOPBOP. Red stains come out in POLSUPAH. Here kitty, kitty calls FRAIDY CAT. Slash into DUELSMAN. Heads explode in DEATH BY SCRABBLE. Bloody teeth in DENTIST. And we close with A WARM AND FUZZY STORY.

And AWNtv's cool vids of the week are: Darryl Hutchinson's THE NARCISSISM OF SMALL DIFFERENCES, Marija Milanovic Lazarevski's A SHADOW AND ITS MAN, and Steven Whittle's SHADOWS AND REFLECTIONS.

Watch them now!

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