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Visit THE ANIMATION CAFÉ, THE BUSINESS OF ANIMATION and THE ANIMATOR'S DESKTOP to stay in touch with the animation community! New threads this week include:Who do you think will win the Oscar? Also, post your thoughts about "Ice Age" and the upcoming DreamWorks 2D feature "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron."

AWN'S SHOW AND TELL is where you can display your work for your peers and get their feedback! New links posted this week include: Visit two sites about anime: and

THE ANIMATION FLEA MARKET is a place to buy, sell and trade your animation-related items. New items posted this week include: Wanted: Animation cel repair/repainting information. For sale: Forox 1994 digitized 2D animation crane with a 9' mast . . . AXA pencil test program v. 5 -- $150.

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