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AWN Welcomes Boutique Studio Buzzco Associates!

Buzzco Associates' three partners Vincent Cafarelli, Marilyn Kraemer and Candy Kugel met in the 1970s while working at Perpetual Motion Pictures of New York...

Buzzco Associates' three partners Vincent Cafarelli, Marilyn Kraemer and Candy Kugel met in the 1970s while working at Perpetual Motion Pictures of New York. Later, the trio took over Buzz Potamkin's studio, Buzzco Productions, and renamed it Buzzco Associates in 1985. Vince, Candy and Marilyn agreed to make independent shorts as a form of artistic self-expression and as research and development with new techniques. Their (up-to-now) eight shorts show a variety of styles that were originally experimented with and developed for each of these films. Their sponsored work shows the same sort of diversity: starting with the inherited "MTV style" (which Candy developed at the beginning of the cable network then further realized for such clients as CBS and HBO), through the liquid neon of "A Warm Reception in L.A." (adopted for such clients as the National Science Foundation and CTW), to the layered collage look of "(it was) Nothing At All" which recently has been utilized in an up-coming Philip Morris youth smoking prevention commercial. In addition, Buzzco has collaborated with humorous print illustrators like Norm Bendell and New Yorker cartoonists to bring a sophisticated quality to their ads and station I.D.s. As a boutique-studio, the partners give each project the attention, love and fun each deserves, leaving clients feeling like they've gotten much more than what they've paid for. And they hope audiences feel the same way about their shorts! Want to know what's hot and sweet, wears yellow and white stripes and animates? Visit

BUZZCO ASSOCIATES, CANDY KUGEL AND VINCENT CAFARELLI are also profiled in the Animation Showcase, AWN's slick online gallery. With over 200 images and 25 clips, these three brand new galleries are showing the diversity of the studio's work, from commercials to shorts and other indie projects. Throughout her professional career, CANDY KUGEL always experimented with independent films of her own: "InBetweening America," "Audition" and "My Film, My Film, My Film." And Candy has always been an enthusiastic knitter, preferring to follow her own designs than rely on patterns. Lately knitting has been creeping into Buzzco's independent films with "KnitWits" and "KnitWits Revisited" so Candy's decided to show some of her knits publicly in her gallery! VINCENT CAFARELLI started his animation career as an office boy at Famous Studios, the Paramount heir to Fleischer Studios. He was a mere wisp of a cartoon-crazy boy meeting such animation pioneers as Al Eugster and Seymour Kneitel, and used to hang out in the office of the Popeye storyboard team of Mike Meyer and Jack Mercer (the voice of Popeye). >From there Vincent free-lanced at many commercial studios, and then became an animation director. He animated the classic 30-minute sales film "Safety Shoes" and a 5-minute short film "Howard, Howard and Howard," both designed by Len Glasser (Stars & Stripes Productions Forever Inc.). Discover their work in the Animation Showcase.