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AWN’s New Educator’s Forum: What Are People Saying?

AWN is recently launched the Educator's Forum.

AWN is recently launched the Educator's Forum. The goal of the forum is to offer a place where anyone involved in the development, support and delivery of animation-related education and educational products can ask questions and rub elbows with other professionals in the business. The discussions have begun, and below is a quick sketch of what is being said.

Various threads are discussing the pro and cons as well as the main differences between 2D and 3D animation. Educators are discussing animated work worthy of inclusion in a history of animation course. Moderator Larry L. began a discussion on distance learning for animation. Others are debating the value of Math courses for upcoming toon talent. Other debate rages on teaching the abstract form over content and content over form. Tutorials are another area of conversation from one-to-one and 3D Studio Max.

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