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AWN launches new Animation Trivia Quiz!

AWN has launched a brand new weekly animation trivia quiz...

How much do you really know about animation? Test your skills and challenge your brain with AWN's brand new Animation Trivia Quiz. Each week, we'll see just how "smart" you really are! Take up the challenge by answering five multiple choice questions on a specific theme. For our first edition and in light of the recent onslaught of animated insects on the big screen, it's time to take note of earlier animation efforts involving bugs. Good'll need it!

Click here to take this week's quiz!

AWN has teamed with Mr. Karl Staven to bring this new feature to our site. Degrees from Yale, Harvard, and NYU have given Karl a strong appreciation for animation history. He currently heads the Animation Department at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Karl has also completed more than a dozen animated films in the 80s and 90s, made in a variety of styles and techniques that flicker just outside mainstream recognition.