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AWN Discussion Forums - What's New? for October 23, 2003

Whats your favorite animated short? Forum members are asking for your opinion. Know of any good Flash video tutorials then lend your advice to our bloggers. One of our senior members just had to get it off his chest he never seems to have enough time to work on artistic endeavors. If you know how that feels post your thought and experiences. A senior member has started a magical character contest in the Animation Café and wants others to share their work. Who would have thought an anti-depressant drug would spark so much discussion? The Zoloft commercials are done in Flash and members are posting their thoughts about the use of the software outside of the Internet. Moderator Larry L has posted some great animation info sites and others are welcome to add their favorites. More entries are in for the self-portraits in Halloween costumes as well as opinions on Comedy Centrals KID NOTORIOUS. Also, tools for teaching animation, the business of animation and, as always, brand new stuff to check out in show and tell!

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