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AWN And Affiliates Events At SIGGRAPH '99

The 26th International Conference on Computer Graphics and InteractiveTechniques is starting this Sunday, August 8 in Los Angeles. Visit theSIGGRAPH Schoolhouse and its Electronic Library, a meeting place andresource space, which offers attendees reference material and resourcesfor educators and students. As a leading publication in the animationfield, Animation World Magazine will be offered in the ElectronicSchoolhouse Library for on-line reference. Printouts of individualarticles will be made available to students by request.

Don't miss Pamela Thompson's informative talk at the ElectronicSchoolhouse (Room 403A) on August 10 from 4:45-6 pm. In "Get A Job! ARecruiter Tells You What You Need To Know," you will hear how to putyour life on a one page resume and showcase your talent in a 3 minute orless demo reel. Find out what makes a resume, portfolio or demo reelirresistible and how to get that first interview. Samples of effectiveresumes and demo reels will be shown. Some ineffective ones will also beshared!

On the exhibition floor, SOFTIMAGE will be showcasing the latest releaseof Toonz, the leading 2D cel animation solution. Toonz version 4.3features a more interactive exposure sheet, larger palettes, "3D"textures, and new special FX. Come visit SOFTIMAGE at booth #1447 fromAugust 10 to 12, 1999 and with SGI in a suite at the Regal BiltmoreHotel. Call 310.510.2686 to schedule a demo in the Regal Biltmore HotelSuite. . . DH Institute of Media Arts (DHIMA) is having a party on theevening of Tuesday, August 10, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of itsparent school in Tokyo and the 3rd Anniversary of DHIMA, Santa Monica.Eric Dehkhoda will present his ongoing project inspired and officiallysponsored by H.R. Giger, who is known for his distinctive sci-fi artwork and production look that has made such movies as "Alien" and"Species" such major film franchises. You and your friends are cordiallyinvited to attend the DHIMA party. Get your party ticket from eitherChris, Keiko or Miho at DHIMA booth #1475.

Stay tuned for AWN's SIGGRAPH Special Press Box, that will include thelatest and greatest press releases from this year's SIGGRAPH. The PressBox will be on-line this week.