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Award-Winning Coca-Cola Commercial To Screen In UK

The multi award-winning Coca-Cola "Videogame" commercial directed by Nexus Productions' Smith & Foulkes is making its UK TV debut Monday.

"Videogame" puts a striking new slant on the violent world of computer games.

The fully computer-animated commercial, which will run for six weeks, was created in HD for Wieden & Kennedy (Portland) and first played during the 2006 Super Bowl.

It has since run in a number of other global markets, although never before in the U.K.

The timing coincides with the global launch of GRAND THEFT AUTO IV on April 29.

The commercial follows Ray, a menacing computer-game tough guy.

After a swig of Coca Cola, he embarks on a rampage -- not of expected violence and destruction -- but of love, kindness, song and dance.

While the landscape in the commercial resembles the urban landscape of current computer games, the characters have a much wider range of emotion and expression.

Smith & Foulkes worked with a choreographer and filmed dancers who interpreted the moves for individual characters in the grand finale -- an old school 'show'-inspired chorus of singing and dancing.

Smith & Foulkes said, "The script was a great opportunity to have a laugh at the expense of violent computer games. We asked ourselves the question, 'What would happen if every street punk, gun-toting hood, tough-guy cop and every perpetually terrorized innocent bystander all got together for a good sing-a-long?'"