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Avid Looks Into 3-D Edit Tools

Avid Technology is reportedly quietly researching technology that would support 3-D stereoscopic feature editors, per THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Filmmakers in 3-D have identified editorial as an area that needs more development and attention, so the leading editing system manufacturer is working on prototype 3-D tools.

Several customers already have prototypes, which include tools for its MetaFuse transcoding application and a Media Composer command allowing an editor to designate 3-D output. The MetaFuse tool would allow an editor to cut 2-D but media files would contain information for both eyes in an 'over and under' method.

Avid is also looking into a way for editors to see 3-D on a 3-D display while cutting, as well as a method of providing 3-D support in its Avid DS Nitris conforming system.

Early tech demonstrations were held Monday at a private event in Los Angeles.

Avid is not a part of NAB 2008, but is hosting some customer events at the exhibition. They reportedly do not have plans to present their 3-D research at NAB.